2019’s Aspirations

In 2019, each one of us must do something to bring positive changes in this world.

Example: stop with pollution, use renewable energy, help the poor people, etc…

There are lots of computer scientists in this world but we are more focused on solving industries problem. We must focus more on solving problems like critical diseases (cancer, diabetes, aids, etc…), how to improve our foods, how we can travel to other planets, how to make humans live longer, how to avoid road/plane/sea accidents, etc…

I know they are far fetched ideas, but this is what we need in our future.

Happy New Year 2019.

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  1. researchorganizedgangstalking says:


    I write a blog about organized gang stalking, and I have a question for you: why did you, Lovvy Keeno, participate in the comments section of a gang stalking blog called neverending 1, between 2010-2013?

    I will be sharing information with a few journalists and federal authorities on this topic, and your participation at that (depressing )blog, so, any response from you is welcome.

    You know where to contact me if you would like to comment, or, for further information.

    1. Hi, I do not get you on that? Please provide more details. Thanks.

      1. researchorganizedgangstalking says:


        Yeah, theres a blog called neverending1.wordpress.com that has been implicated in what is called gang stalking, aka, weaponized CVE programs.

        And, you were a commenter there back in 2010, nearly one of the first who interacted with that blog.

        I am interested in interviewing you, off the record, or on the record about your thoughts on OGS, which frequently targets online speakers with various web deployments, exploits, hacks, etc.

        My main question, based on your comments there, is, what is your knowledge of this?

      2. can you please send me the comments that I added on that blog? thanks.
        OGS is unethical and illegal. People should be educated about different bad things that can happen on the internet.

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