About Me

I’m Yuvraj Keenoo (Lovvy), I’m married and I live in the paradise island of Mauritius. I work as Applications Analyst at MCB since April 2015 and as Part-Time Lecturer at Open University of Mauritius since August 2017. I have more than 5 years experience in Oracle technologies such as E-Business Suite (ERP), Reports, Web-Adi, XML, BI Publisher, SQL, advanced PL/SQL, BPM tools and others. And In April 2014, I obtained my Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Projects Management from University of Mauritius. I have some experience in quality control in a non-IT organisation.


(Picture taken in Nairobi at KCC)

In my free time, I do photography, painting, blogging, reading books, teach computer science and searching/learning new things. I blog to share my experiences and opinions about everything. I am fascinated by our so-complex universe and I watch a lot of documentaries about planets (Mars), origin of life, how life began and evolved, etc… (TV show which I like the most: Cosmos by Neil Degrasse Tyson)

My favorite football team is Manchester United and World Cup team is Brazil.

Back to the ‘binary world’, I often install latest Linux distros to know their features and their enhancements (black box testing).

My favorite quote is “Winners make it happen, losers let it happen”.


(Picture taken on top of Le Pouce mountain, Mauritius)