About Me

I’m Yuvraj Keenoo (Lovvy), I’m married and I live in the paradise island of Mauritius. I work as Applications Analyst at MCB since April 2015. I have more than 5 years experience in Oracle technologies such as E-Business Suite, Reports, Web-Adi, XML, BI Publisher, SQL, advanced PL/SQL and others. In April 2014, I obtained my Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Projects Management from the University of Mauritius. I have some experience in quality control in a non-IT organisation.


(Picture taken in Nairobi at KCC)

In my leisure time, I watch documentaries/movies, photography, blogging, reading, surfing and exploring. I blog to share my experiences and opinions about all stuffs that exist in this world. As a bodybuilder, my aim is to work hard and to win “a” competition. Multimedia editing for me is about video/music/photo editing. I have a GoPro Hero 3+ and a Panasonic Lumix which I use for adventure recording and photography.

Coming back into the computer world, I started using Fedora 22 to have a better understanding of the Core Linux. I like to use open-source applications and I am an Android fan.

My favorite quote is “Winners make it happen, losers let it happen”.