Climate change! Who is to be blamed? and the solution…

Nowadays everyone (companies and individuals) is talking about climate change, pollution, natural disasters, flood, drought, cyclones, etc.

We are all to be blamed for this man-made planet disaster.

Some facts:

  1. Individuals
    1. Water and plastic pollution
    2. Air pollution (burning objects)
    3. Use of vehicles producing lots of smoke
    4. Small scale deforestation
    5. etc
  2. Industries
    1. Heavy air pollution
    2. Water and plastic pollution in large scale
    3. Production of bad vehicles
    4. Large scale deforestation
    5. Killing of animals
    6. etc

Conclusion: It’s crystal clear and obvious that industries are polluting and changing the environment of our planet the most as they are focused only on making money. The funny part of it, is that they talk about ‘green’ actions! If no action is taken, in around 10, 000 years Earth will no more be a suitable planet to live on. There is already a Mars mission to send human beings to live there. WHY? Why are you sending people to pollute Mars? The strategy to live on Mars should be different to Earth.


Solution: Start now with a zero pollution and a clean environment. Continue with awareness despite people ignoring the environmental impact.

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