Mauritius Lotto

Everyone wants to become millionaire one day. An alternative and legal option is to play lotto like almost all Mauritians do.

It has been nearly two years I am playing the same lotto numbers. 10 lines with the same 6 numbers every week. There were some weeks where I was not able to play due to some helplessness. I am not addicted to it but I have some hope that someday I will win it and achieve some of the best things in life. I also know that the probability of winning by playing the same numbers is high like any one else playing at random.

Mauritius still have many poor families who cannot afford a good living condition. I have a suggestion concerning the draw of the lotto numbers. This technique will help many families. The lotto amount must be fixed, say Rs. 5 million. Each week someone must win. How to achieve this? When the 6 numbers are drawn, they must check them instantly on their computers if there are any winners, if no, then they draw another 6 numbers. In this way, each week someone will win Rs. 5 million. That will be very nice as many people will be able to make their dreams come true and to help their loved ones.

Nowadays many people say lotto is only a gamble, they keep increasing the amount and they wait for many people to play to declare someone the winner. Is it true? I do not know the answer to this question.

If anyone who won the lotto and has read this article, so please do share your experience how it is to win the lotto and how it has changed his/her life. Thank you.

Best of luck to everyone.  Do play the lotto numbers each week, the luck can be anytime! 😉


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