My adventures in Kenya

I came to Nairobi on the Saturday 12th April 2014 and the departure to Mauritius is tomorrow on Tuesday 22nd April 2014. In the free times I have right now, I am blogging to share my experience I lived in this country. I am on the balcony in front of my laptop to write about the beautiful adventures I had in Kenya. Some of the common things I would like to say before I start: the language used is Ki-Swahili, Swahili and English, the popular food is Nyama-Choma, the common vegetable is Sukuma Wiki, the common transport is by using matatu (vans), the city is very huge with lots of people, houses, buildings, parks, some museums and shopping malls and at night you can hear the noise of the vehicles in this busy city. In the early morning we can hear the noise of the train transporting goods.


At Kenyatta Conference Centre

Once upon a time in Kenya… should I really start like this? Well it is like a small story about me in Kenya for 1 and a half weeks. A Mauritian in Kenya – it sounds better.

Yes it was the first time I traveled to another country. During the flight, when the plane was passing over the African lands I was amazed to see the greenness, rivers and lakes. I saw Kilimanjaro with its peak covered with snow and it was a wonderful view from the plane. My brother came to the airport to fetch me. Now the story begins. The roads in Nairobi are very large, dusty and without any markings and you have to be vigilant to find multiple bumps. The route was so congested with vehicles, people crossing the road, the matatus (vans which carry passengers) – the drivers drive like mad people on the roads. At that moment I thought if these guys were driving in Mauritius, then what could have been their plight. This is the first culture difference. I got to know some Swahili words such as Asante, Sawa, Vipi, Karibu, Kabisa etc…

Almost all shopping malls have security guards to scan you and check your bags for any bombs or any weapons. I can assure you that it is a safe country as there are lots of security guards, the armies and the policemen with guns in their hands.

Some of the people I met in this country were very nice and friendly persons. Cyrus Shivonje and Kenywa Njeru were among the list of people I met.


At Olepolos

(From left: Kenywa, Kevin (my brother), Cyrus and me)

Negotiation is one of the skills I learnt here. If you do not negotiate with these people, then you can be the loser. In this city everything means business and money.

I was so happy to see the animals in Kenya such as rhinos, elephants, giraffes, ostriches, impalas, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, scavengers (famous birds here), hyenas, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and others. Some of these animals cannot be found in Mauritius. So this was a unique experience.


At The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


At Lake Naivasha

We went at Olepolos to taste the famous Kenyan’s recipe, the Nyama-Choma and to meet the maasai people. We waited for a long time before we got the nyama-choma. Definition of nyama-choma: roasted goat/sheep accompanied with kachumbari (sliced tomatoes and onions), pili-pili (chilies) and ugali (maize dish). The maasai people performed their traditional dance around each table and we got the opportunity to take many photos with them (you must give them some money in return).


With the maasai at Olepolos

Places you can visit in Kenya:

1. AFEW Giraffe Centre, 2. Lake Naivasha, 3. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, 4. Nairobi Safari Walk, 5. Nairobi Railway Museum, 6. Kenyatta Conference Centre, 7. Olepolos, 8. Nakumat Mega, 9. Nakumat Galera, 10. Cactus Restaurant, 11. Diamond Plaza, 12. Yaya Centre, 13. Kibera slum, 14. Wilson airport, 15. Nairobi National Park, 16. Nairobi National Museum, 17. Royal Breeze Restaurant, 18. Lake Nakuru, 19. Mount Kenya, 20. Masai Mara, etc…

Taking such a break in life makes you to learn and realize many things. It is a life-time experience to know other cultures, people, places, animals, infrastructures, laws and finally but not the least the Kenyan gastronomy.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely story , happy to here that you enjoyed in my country, great that will encourage others to go and do Safari in Kenya 🙂 am sure you loved Kachumbari side salade with n’y am a choma. Get the recipe here .Enjoy

  2. cyrus shivonje says:

    This is the adventure of beutiful and wonderful country where u can’t get bored to visit(KENYA)

    1. very true bro, indeed Kenya is a wonderful country. And I hope that all the fights will stop soon there.

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