Shooting: Showing disrespect to Mauritians

I heard about the news where some indian artists said “Get lost” to the press or the fans. After watching this YouTube video, I was shocked. It is true that what you see on TV is not true in reality!! Even if I was not there, I am Mauritian who did not like this at all.

They are taking us for granted or what. Let me remind them that many Bollywood movies are being played almost everyday in all the cinemas in Mauritius. They showed us such attitude and they are expecting us to watch their movies.

I just wanted to say that despite wherever you are standing in life, your job depends on the fans. If there are no fans, then no cinema tickets. If no cinema tickets, then no selling of movies. If no selling of movies, then no production of movies. Thus jobless. Yes, we can be 1% or 0.09% of your revenue, but on the long term it makes a difference.

Thank you to read,

From a Mauritian guy!


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