Adult Education in Mauritius

Since the independence or even before that, many families have been striving to work hard to give their children proper education. Even in 2012, it is the case. What about the parents, they did not go to school in their childhood/adolescence? Do you think they have the same dreams we had when we were young – to become educated, to use a computer, to read the newspapers/books/recipe books/bible and other religious books ? Put yourself in the place of those parents, don’t you think they had and still have the dreams to become educated.


Mauritius is certainly an intelligent cyber island, but why we are forgetting the previous generation people. Why don’t we give them the chance to become educated? I think we should realise some projects of “Adult Education in Mauritius” so that masons/plumbers/carpenters/housewives/street sweepers/very poor persons, etc… can read and write, use a computer, participate in the future of our country by giving their opinions in a wise manner, become independent of others. Many people cannot read a letter, billboards, contracts, receipts, instruction/dosage on medicines, calculate the price of vegetables/fruits/meats, apply for a good job, etc…. Could we mobilise to give these people their chance of being educated?


In some African countries, many people do not have education due to poor infrastructures and lack of money, but I think in Mauritius, we have a growing economy and it’s a developing countries, so why don’t we educate adults who want to realise their uncompleted dreams. This should be the top priority project to realise in Mauritius.


Please give me your views about what you think of this project in Mauritius.




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  1. sylvain vaythilingon says:

    its very important to think also for the past generations

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