My own ‘ON and OFF’ theory of life

Have you ever asked yourself what is there after death? Why are we living?

I don’t have any scientific answer for this, but what I realized and concluded is that our world is like an on and off switch. After we die, there is simply nothing. Humans are like bulbs. The bulb is on when we are living and when it is off, we are dead. That’s a simple theory of bulb connected with our lives. There maybe other things that can be connected or related to human beings life.

After death, our brain cells stop working and there is nothing that exist afterwards. Even doctors do not have any proof or theory that the soul exist. The soul is only an state in oneself which believes in self esteem, love, calmness, anger, happiness, etc.. The soul is a feeling.

So how does the whole process or cycle of a human being takes place. Firstly we come on this earth as a baby with zero knowledge. With time we start to learn by listening and observing. By doing this we start to know that we exist on the planet earth. And there is lots of things to be done in this world. We start growing and develop our mind through the learning process of our era. We get a job, settle down and get married. We lead our lives in the way it is leading us! People do not realize that life is short and anytime we can die, leaving our loved ones. This is the reality.

We are only a ‘bulb’. Sometimes I ask myself, what the hell are we doing here? Why there is nothing after death?

After a long learning process, friends and families love/responsibilities and achieving something in life we just ‘switch off’ and we will not take birth again.

I will post more on ‘ON and OFF’ theory. Well I have not read anything on this anywhere till now, so I declare this theory as mine. The ‘ON and OFF’ theory of life.

Fulfill some of your dreams, love your dear ones and share with the world. Time will still be the same, it is us who come and go, so make sure to etch your name in history. Do something for the world. Thank you!


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