Slow internet connection in Mauritius

I am using MyT broadband connection since 2 years. The connection was 128kbps , then upgraded to 256 kbps (price remained the same) and recently it was upgraded to 512 kbps.

To be frank the connection s****.

At times, it becomes so slow that you need to wait or reset the livebox.

What is your opinion ?

Recently there were some problems with the server or DNS, whatever.. Who is losing the benefits, MTelecom or the customers?

MT needs to review their service that they provide.

The connection shall be become double soon, we are using an obsolete connection compared with other countries.

Thank you MT !


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  1. Romeo says:

    Orange P fer dominere are morisien ek so 512K. Mone signe contrat 512K apre mo gagne vitesse download 13K.

    1. Lovvy says:


  2. Lovvy says:

    it depends which internet package you are using. MyT targets more on cost than value.

  3. Jasmine says:

    Slow really mine is really fast, takes less than a minute to download a song, yeah its not as fast as the UK but better compared to other places I have been

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