Politicians are being exposed in Mauritius

As you all know during these recent days, there have been many cases of politicians. The reasons are simple, they did illegal things like stealing, fraud, etc..

So let me describe some farces of the politicians when they know they will be arrested or brought to the court. Firstly they fall ill, for example having a cardiac attack and brought directly to the hospitals in ambulance!! That’s the political way. You know what, if it was a common person (i.e not a politician or VIPs) he/she would have been arrested on the spot and no bail would be allowed. This is Mauritius. Welcome!

You politicians guys what you think, we people will only watch the game! We want changes. Change the politicians.

Politicians are stealing, and the inflation rate is increasing. We are giving all our money to them. What about prices in Mauritius? Maybe I am diverging from the topic. But it’s true. Cameras, Laptops, Mobile phones, etc prices are climbing monthly. If we order online, it’ll be less expensive.

Okay let’s talk on the second point. Proofs are being tampered. These people (authorities) having the power give so bad example. I see them as criminals.

To eradicate criminals in Mauritius, we must start from the politicians (the top level) and then the lower level. This can be the solution!


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  1. I think this is happening everywhere. Not only in Mauritius but all the countries have the same type of politicians..and sad part is common man everywhere can simply watch.

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