Believe in yourself

After reading some great books and watching some YouTube videos I came up with some thoughts 😀  as follows:

Stop wasting time. Use the time to conquer the world. Do something for the world so that your name is etched forever in history of humanity. Do not under-estimate yourself. Believe in yourself. You are stronger than you think. Be confident, be a champion, say you can win, say you can do something, believe in your thinkings because a thought cannot come like that, it can be a new theory for mankind, it can be a new way to lead your life, never give up. Time does not come and go, it’s you who come and go from this world. So know the reason why you are there. Do something extraordinary. Winners make the days count whereas losers count the days.


One Comment Add yours

  1. You are right.

    And one of the new theory of mine, is that if someone is seriously down completely, when he/she bounces back in life, then it’s like a high jump where no one can reach him/her.

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