Search engines make us think differently

Reading books, articles, news and other textual based materials make us acquire more knowledge. Our brain starts to develop and we become mature and maybe a philosopher !

What if someone read articles online, will he/she be able to memorize it ? A scientist said that people tend to remember WHERE the knowledge is located instead of knowing WHAT is the knowledge. Who is at fault? The Search Engines. The famous Google.

Google is the famous and widely used websites every day at work, home or other places. It is the most effective search engine for me, don’t know for others! So people who search rapid notes online, will tend to remember mostly the location than to remember what it says in the notes.

People are memorizing less now, as the whole knowledge is available online and it is rapidly accessible anywhere anytime in this new high tech generation. Having less knowledge means taking bad decisions.

But there are some people who memorizes the location as well as the knowledge. So beware of memorizing only locations/web addresses. Feed your brains and become intelligent. 😉

Search engines have changed the way we think in the recent 10 years. The most popular things display on the screen when we click on “Search”. It might be irrelevant to you or to others. Most search engines tend to bring the most visited web pages for e.g. Wikipedia articles. Well there are lots of concepts behind all this.

Keep surfing ! 😀


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