Documentaries to shape the future of Mauritians

I like to watch documentaries on TV especially Thalassa and others serials on TV5. Since childhood I was very curious to know how things exist in the universe, how they are processed, what are the characteristics of a living/non living thing, and about animals.

Today I can say I know many things on science, technology, religions, cultures, etc.

I will encourage everyone from a younger age to watch documentaries (the famous YouTube is already there), so look at them, discover a new dimension, a new world for your future, it can help and shape your mind. Learning never stops, there are lots to learn in this universe so why not acquire at least a little knowledge on our beautiful plant Earth.

People do not realize what is the power of knowledge. Watching videos is better than reading theory books. It’s better that we watch these fruitful videos than losing our time on a stupid website. Stop wasting your time. The internet is a tool to learn so use it as it should have been.

Now if we focus in our society Mauritius we see that many people do not have enough knowledge about everything that exist in the world, they may know theories, but they don’t understand the ‘HOW IN REAL LIFE’.

Mauritius is far behind in terms of knowledge. I think we must translate the most important documentaries into the creole language so that everyone in our island can increase their knowledge capacity. We must feed our brains.

By distributing the translated or non-translated (maybe it is in English or French) videos in every schools, colleges, universities, other institutions, social organizations, and on TV we can make Mauritius a professional island having both academic and world knowledge.

In our island everything is done slowly despite computers are being used. Bad use of resources! Hope things start to change quicker in Mauritius.



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