3 years of blogging

Today my blog is 3 years old – 17 July 2011.

Happy birthday to my blog.

Why to blog?

I blog because:

  • I want to share my ideas,
  • to give and receive opinions,
  • Freedom of speech,
  • like to debate,
  • to learn about latest stuffs concerning science, technology, sport, and other activities,
  • to know other people,
  • it lets me think big and stay dynamic in nature,
  • I can talk about my country, people, culture, gastronomy, lifestyles, etc…
  • It lets me open a new window for other people to peep in to watch what’s happening in Mauritius and in the world,
  • I want to make people see the truth mostly about authorities, governments, etc..
I blog too often due to time constraint, but thinking to improve this. C ya soon.

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