Nintendo unveils new Wii console –

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has unveiled the Wii U, a home console featuring high-definition graphics and a controller with a large touchscreen for extended game play.

The controller allows games to be switched from a television to play solely on its 6.2in screen, so that normal TV viewing may take place, and it can stream videos on its screen back on to the TV.

The Wii U was unveiled at a news conference at the E3 video game trade show.

A number of the controller’s tricks were unveiled. For example, placing it on the floor during a golf game turned its screen into a golf ball on a tee. Swinging with a motion controller played the ball on to a course on the TV screen.

The device includes a camera and microphone for video conferencing and motion-sensing chips, as well as standard game controller buttons and joysticks.

Nintendo sees the touchscreen as helping it reach new gamers with its intuitive controls, just as the Wii expanded the demographic for gaming with its motion-sensing controller.

The product will not be available until 2012 at a price to be announced, leaving Nintendo with the problem of maintaining sales of the fading Wii in the meantime.



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