First iCloud features revealed

Apple has recently unveiled some features of its upcoming iCloud service, which allows users to store and automatically sync files wirelessly between iPhone, iPod, iPad and PC.

New features include automatic downloads and a record of the content users have already purchased so that they can download the content again more easily.

Users can set their preferences for automatic downloads from Settings → Store in iOS 4.3. They can choose to push the media content they have purchased to other devices and also limit pushing to Wi-Fi connection so as to use less bandwidth. Customers can also set individual pushing settings for the media content they have bought (music, apps and books).

Another new feature is the “Purchased” record from the iTunes, AppStore or iBooks app which makes it easier for users to download again the content they have already bought. Users can see the lists of the items they have purchased using a certain Apple ID and download the content that has not been installed on their devices yet.

Apple is preparing to launch the iTunes 10.3 version for Windows and Mac OS X in the near future which will make Mac computers compatible with iCloud.

The company is expected to fully launch iCloud and iOS 5 this autumn.


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