Deadly road accidents in Mauritius or the start of the 21st May’s destruction

During the recent days, there have been many deadly road accidents killing people and seriously injured. Who were responsible ? The driver, the trainer of the driver, the spot where it took place (road, pedestrian, road signs, racing on the road…)

There are lots of vehicles (mostly cars) on the roads of Mauritius nowadays. Everyday there must be 1 or 2 accidents atleast. This is too much! What if one day we were a victim of an accident ? What if we were innocent ? For me the most dangerous thing is the ROAD but we have to use everyday!

In 7 to 10 years, the number of vehicles will be too much to accomodate on the roads of Mauritius ! This can happen and it will happen ! Instead people will have to use bicycles like in Japan !

This post has nothing related to the date ’21 May 2011′ but after that date we had more serious accidents. Those accidents took place mostly on the motorway despite having speed camera. I think security speed cameras must be placed at many different region in Mauritius not only at Pailles (speed should not exceed 80 km/h).


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