Oracle JD Edwards and BI Pubisher

Oracle JD Edwards is an ERP system used in complex businesses around the world. It is very customizable through codes.

BI Publisher (Business Intelligence Publisher) is a reporting tool used with Oracle JD Edwards to produce the finest and the most customizable reports.

I recommend Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) for all new businesses as it is the most dynamic ERP ever made. In Oracle JD Edwards you can create your own functions to suit the business need. Batch applications can process complex manipulations on a large volume of data.

One can experience JDE with the standalone version downloadable from Oracle edelivery website.

More about JDE :

– All business modules are already there

– Easily create new applications (Batch or interactive)

– Can be run on Windows or Web platform

– Create your lists of values (with the User Defined Codes)

– Create tables (E.g. to store temporary data from a text file)

– Validation rules are very strict in JDE ( it maintains data integrity throughout the system)

– Customizable and sophisticated (beautiful) looking reports

– Create different User profiles

– Create different environment (Development, Testing, Production, etc..)

– Easy objects migrations from old version of JDE to newer one

– One place information for every entity in the business (Address book – contains suppliers, customers, etc..)

JDE is very robust. Experience it. Love it. Progress in your business.


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