United vs Schalke / Real vs Barça

Next week, the UCL semi finals will be played:

26 April 2011 – Schalke  vs  Manchester United

27 April 2011 – Real Madrid  vs  Barcelona

I have noticed something in the last 2 or3 UCL seasons, the team that beats Chelsea wins the European Champions League. This season United has beaten Chelsea with a marginal score of 3-1.

My Prediction says that Manchester United will win the UCL.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are among the best teams in the world having very good/star players. One has to survive and I go for Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho is a very good and wise coach. He has lots of experiences and he can easily make a team high-spirited, e.g: Inter Milan-the last season UCL winner! Recently how they played against Schalke was too bad. By chance Inter qualified against Bayern Munich.


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  1. real gonna win they’ve the best player

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