Yearly Blog Award

The number of bloggers are expanding day by day in Mauritius. I am proposing a yearly blog award, which will be based on public voting and organized by groups of governmental or non-governmental bodies. Let’s encourage the bloggers to write GREAT stuffs. Each year there must be a blog award to reward the BEST blog with the BEST posts. I know we have lots of blogs which are outstanding, really interesting and so beautiful to read and to see. We must reward the hard workers.

The prizes can be t-shirts on which will be written, the blogger’s site address and the blog award year. Please give your suggestions to organize a blog award for this year and it will keep going every year.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin says:

    That’s a great idea. It will be part of the activity of the Mauritian Blogger’s Association (MBA).
    Promote the MBA on my blog through your blog.

  2. Torpedo says:

    My personal favourites:
    Two very up-to-date and relevant bloggers that check their information before posting and, above all, do interact with commenters without censoring them!

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