Use Edubuntu 10.04 (through VMware) in Windows 7 – Power your PC!

I recently downloaded VMware v3 to install any virtual machines on my Windows 7 (Quad Core PC). The VMware runs so smoothly with the Edubuntu image I got freely from the internet. It is simply amazing how technology can go so far. Using virtual machine is experiencing and having a taste of the different Operating Systems.

What I saw in Edubuntu are, lots of educational and latest applications of Ubuntu. Simply Great. I love them all on my VMware. It is so nice to see all these applications installed properly and running smoothly on my PC.

Edubuntu is a great tool for education mostly for primary and secondary students. But with complex applications, tertiary students will really feel at ease. Edubuntu and VMware will make your PC worthy for something. SO TRY IT. Enjoy your Windows 7 and Linux Edubuntu.


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