Linux Courses in Mauritius

Since some days, I am digging the internet to learn more on Linux and its distributions (Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora, etc).  Linux is improving a lot and most servers use linux around the world. It is free, reliable and stable. The main goals of the GNU GPL is to make linux available to everyone, make it adapt to the high tech devices and make it more user friendly.

Despite Linux is open source, we tend to go more for Windows (maybe because of its easy interface and more software available – mostly cracked versions). In Mauritius, IC3 and other computer courses are given at an affordable fees to learn the basics of computers. What if an open source linux course was introduced? Will it make our life miserable to type codes to install programs? Absolutely NOT. Linux applications are easy to installed now, no need to take a book and learn how to install a particular application.

In my opinion Linux (Ubuntu and Edubuntu) courses must be given to all Mauritians at an affordable fees (or if we have linux volunteers, they can share their knowledge). It will be an extraordinary step into IT at an early age.


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  1. Lovvy says:

    great i can see Linux lovers here..

  2. Yasir says:

    Hi Lovvy,

    Avinash is right and I’ld like to let you know that I own a linux blog @ where you can learn problems i’ve encountered and their solutions.


  3. Hi techunit here from I hope our work hasn’t gone to waste, we attempt to provide both functional and fun video tutorials. Purhaps you could leave a comment at and tell us about your experiences.

  4. Lovvy says:

    I know about knowledge 7 and that’s a great job you are doing.

    What I read more on linux is that Fedora wants to put into practice One laptop per child having a light version of Fedora.

    Linux must be introduced at a very young age to Mauritians.

  5. For me, Linux and the open source ecosystem is about empowering people to do things that are difficult to when using alternative operating systems.

    For example, one who wants to become a graphic designer can use Linux and The Gimp (together with the free Grokking The Gimp book — see If he/she needs and can afford something more powerful later, then, fine.

    Or if someone wants to become a great Java programmer, why doesn’t that person get Linux, OpenJDK and the formidable Eclipse. Using Thinking in Java — see — he/she can really learn a lot.

    Of course, sometimes companies need to train people quickly. For example, my company, Knowledge Seven Ltd provides 5-days Linux courses designed for people who are already working and need to acquire a new skill quickly — see

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