Solution: Getting a black screen after installing Windows 7

It has been more than 3 times I installed Windows 7 on my computer, even it was a good version. 😉 Finally I knew what was the problem; the graphic driver was not installed or the one Windows 7 installed was not compatible.

So the steps are simple:

1. Install Windows 7. It will restart several times and do not forget to get some updates before installing.

2. After installing, your computer will restart, and the black screen appears (only for those who have LCD)! Well in fact nothing appears! :P. Restart your pc and press F8 to get the boot menu.

3. Select Enable low-resolution video (640X480)

4. The computer will boot to the desktop where you were not able to go there before. So the problem is due to the graphic card not installed and the LCD driver (optional). Get updates from Windows Updates (if ever you are cracking the Windows, then do it before getting the updates!!) :P.. You can use Windows XP (SP 3) or Windows Vista ‘virtualizations’ to install the driver.

5. Adjust the screen resolution and restart your computer. No black screen. 🙂

Enjoy your Windows 7.

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