Quarter Finals

Today we will witness the Quarter Finals between the four top teams: Netherlands v/s Brazil and Uruguay v/s Ghana. And tomorrow Argentina v/s Germany and Paraguay v/s Spain.

Brazil has been playing well to reach at this stage, but Netherlands last match was not at the world cup level against Slovakia. Brazil will pass through today with a tight score line of 0 – 1 or 1 – 2.

Paraguay against Japan was a worst match to see. Paraguay is the outsider for this world cup but we don’t know as at this stage we can’t underestimate a team.

Head to Head – Netherlands v/s Brazil
09-10-1999 Friendly Netherlands 2 – 2 Brazil
08-06-1999 Friendly Brazil 3 – 1 Netherlands
05-06-1999 Friendly Brazil 2 – 2 Netherlands
07-07-1998 World Cup Brazil P 1 – 1 Netherlands
31-08-1996 Friendly Netherlands 2 – 2 Brazil
09-07-1994 World Cup Netherlands 2 – 3 Brazil
03-07-1974 World Cup Netherlands 2 – 0 Brazil
Head to head – Uruguay v/s Ghana
No head to head until now.
Netherlands 1 – 2 Brazil
Uruguay 1 – 2 Ghana

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bruno says:

    I predict a Uruguayan win cause they have a superior attack and South Americans are rocking the tournament 🙂

  2. Bruno says:

    🙂 I predict an Uruguayan win 😛

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