World Cup Quarter Finals

Today it will be a tight match between Paraguay and Japan in the round of 16, same for Spain against Portugal. I think Paraguay can pass through this stage to reach the Quarter Finals against Spain.

In the Quarter Finals Brazil will play against Netherlands, both sides have good and star players, we only need to see the tactics they will adopt in the match. Ghana is the only African team which is still in the race for the World Cup. Ghana will play very well against Uruguay as I am sure all the Africans will support this team causing lots of noise with their vuvuzelas during the match.

I just hope there will not have any mistakes from the referees at this stage in the World Cup as it will be frustrating to lose because of a non-offside goal, no given penalties, no sanctions for players who are acting (like the great C. Ronaldo!!!), too much added time or hand ball.

Be careful the referees!

My favorite team is Brazil, so play at your level best and even if you lose, that’s not a problem because football will never dies, so you can make another come back! 🙂

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