World Cup knockout

Yesterday all teams have started to play their last matches and it resembles a knockout stage. Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina and South Korea are qualified for the round of 16. We will have lots of surprises in certain groups for this world cup and it is becoming more interesting.

I just hope England, Ghana and Ivory Coast qualifies for the round of 16. I am sad that South Africa, being the host country, is out in the group stage. They played well in the first match against Mexico and the last one against France.

Now scoring a goal is the most important thing in the match, no draw and no lost. Portugal is the only team which has a heavy score of 7-0. Ivory Coast had more ball possession than Portugal when they played against each other. isn’t it amazing that football is so challenging, innovating, fun and intelligent game? Yes sure it is.

Forecast: USA and England will qualify today. 🙂

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  1. ..USA and England even I am fancying them to qualify today.. as for Ghana seems a bit tight. Germany will try to win and finish first of the group. Serbia has nothing to lose, a win from their side can see them into the next round.. 🙂

    To qualify for round 16: USA, England, Germany, Serbia.

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