Let’s talk about latest web technologies

Many times we have to learn new things to make certain tasks easier either in school, work, at home or for a personal reason. Today we can easily get HOW-TOs from the internet, e.g. on YouTube, Google, Twitter, WordPress, etc..

YouTube is the best video sharing site to watch videos recorded from a mobile phone/mini-DV. It has lots of tutorials in a wide variety of topics. It is very easy to share a video on any site by embedding the YouTube link. YouTube tutorial videos help really a lot, that’s why I love YouTube.

Google is the #1 site visited by millions of users everyday in the world. Google is the best web office platform because of its Gmail, Calender, Documents, Translator, and more other interesting features without forgetting the Google Gadgets. Google makes life easier on the web.

“Twitter is a status posting site”, that’s my definition for this technology. I use Twitter to share my opinions and some occupying links. Have anyone thought to develop such a simple site where we login, tweet, and follow others? Twitter is becoming a “sharing” site nowadays as in all tweets, there are links attached.

Another site where it’s easier to keep in touch with original and amazing stuffs is WordPress.com.  The WWW is getting more bloggers every month. WordPress.com and blogger.com are among the top 20 sites in Mauritius meaning, our island with a small population are getting an increasing number of bloggers. I think we must create a blogging community everywhere in the world not only in our paradise island to promote sharing of opinions and freedom.

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  1. Adel says:

    What about Google Wave. Do you think its stable?

    1. Lovvy says:

      Though Google Wave may not be stable for the time being, Google always updates and improves its product. Even in Microsoft Windows XP/7 on your machine ( i’m assuming you are a Windows geek) there are bugs.

      The best about Google is that, it uses cloud computing. 🙂

      Nothing is perfect on earth, we only need to improve/update what we invented.

      1. adel says:

        Do you know any people experiencing with Wave? or who would like to share their experiences in using it?

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