Top sites in Mauritius

Today I came across a website that shows the rank of webpages mostly visited by Mauritians. It is unbelievable that Facebook is the most visited website instead of The table below shows the ranks of websites mostly visited by Mauritians.

1. Facebook (

2. Google Mauritius (

3. Google (

4. YouTube – Broadcast yourself (

5. Yahoo ! (

6. Windows Live (

7. Wikipedia (

8. Microsoft Network (MSN) (

9. (

10. (

11. Portail Orange (

12. (

13. L’Express (

14. WordPress (

15. eBay (

16. Twitter (

17. Bing (

18. (

19. Megaupload (

20. MyJob – Jobs in Mauritius (

etc…. You can go to the following website to get more rankings. Click Here.

What can be concluded from the above statistics, is that Mauritians download a lot from the internet, like to build social connections online and love to blog and tweet. Amazing this world. Mauritians are using the internet more frequently now and this can impact the educational and working sector!!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Julien says:


    is it Alexa’s list ?

    Another interesting “top site list” would be : which are the biggest websites made in Mauritius? Any idea ?


  2. Lovvy says:

    lol.. wait a little more dude.. some 10 – 20 years!!! 😛

    well if you buy facebook or google you will find it in the list! 😉

  3. Bruno says:

    Unsurprisingly, mine is not there 🙂

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