Aardvark – Ask and Answer site

Aardvark is a new kind of tool that lets you tap into the knowledge and experience of friends and friends-of-friends.

Send Aardvark a question (from the web, IM, email, Twitter, or iPhone) and you’ll get a quick, helpful response from someone with…

  • The right knowledge
  • Similar tastes
  • Friends in common

Most questions are answered within 5 minutes, and the vast majority are answered within 10 minutes. The speed of the answer depends upon the subject of your question, and the number of people in your network who are online. Questions that have more detail and questions with extra tags usually get answered faster.

To protect against spam and abuse, Aardvark users are limited to a certain number of questions per day. New users can only ask 7 questions in a 24 hour period. That limit gradually increases to 15 questions per day as you use Aardvark.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. ya Aardvark is very interesting. you can remove all doubts and queries from your mind.. i’m using it, and i love it.. it is so fun to get the right answers by people around the world.

    i will post the virtual bag soon.. 😉

  2. Wanderer says:

    Hi! Sound a great interesting site. Will check it out one of these days.
    Btw I left a virtual Bag. Please pass it on..so that we can help.
    Here’s the link


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