A random post

Graduation has just completed and now I am working as Oracle consultant at a company in Ebene. Life has changed a lot after going in the labor market. I am always trying to manage my time! But in vain, time is limited!

I would like to briefly comment on some people life whom I know well:

-A, someone written a book of 21 pages for fun. Wow i will fall asleep if i had to do it!!!

-B, hmmm so adorable

-C, a guy who is always cheerful, happy and like to enjoy life. He always do his best in all jobs and is very broad-minded.

-D, he likes to be as seen as Mr. Perfect. He can’t tolerate others to pull his leg!

-E, lovely and gorgeous one, who is always happy.

-F, he is ruling the country and the election is coming soon!


Yesterday i watched the football Stuttgart vs Barcelona, and frankly the welcoming team has done their utmost best to face the rival! Barcelona was not able to play their own football because they were losing the ball after some few passes. One thing i did not like is Ibrahimovic pushing Cacau, such a silly and childish act. That is football, put a nice goal and we will appreciate. Messi is still physically fit and is a player who always play with full concentration and smartness.

Chelsea vs Inter Milan

My forecast is Chelsea 2-0 Inter Milan. Drogba will be the man of the match as well as Lampard. Hope so!


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