Persisting Swine Flu in Mauritius

The swine flu which just spread in Mauritius some days ago caused 4 to 5 deaths in around 50 doubted cases, whereas other countries above 2000 doubted cases, zero deaths.

What the government is waiting to close the schools?? Other countries have already closed schools for 2 or 3 weeks.

Everyone should be very vigilant, and those people who got the flu, don’t go in crowds. By the way, everyday it is saying to open windows and doors in schools, universities, work places, etc… as if we people don’t know this routine thing. Concerning washing hands properly, are we people so worst in Mauritius that we don’t know that we should wash our hands before eating or whatever..

The government must close schools for 1 week or 2 weeks, and do fogging wherever possible. To eradicate this flu, everyone must work in unity and help each other.

I pray for everyone to get well soon and for those who are not sick, I pray they don’t get that flu.


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