Universities are doing business in Mauritius


Wow, it’s so shocking to learn that 1 university in Mauritius has become so low in their adminstration, and their principles. WTF!! It’s a shame. Frankly i did my Bsc from that university and i’m not proud after learning about those fucking new laws/rules, whatever.

If a student fails his/her first year, he/she has to pay 20 000 rupees as penalty fee. Why they don’t understand the fact that a student can FAIL if the learning environment or the teaching bodies are not capable to transfer their knowledge. I regret to say also that if a student want to change their course, he/she has to pay another penalty fee of 20 000 rupees.WHY?? Isn’t that curious?? Simply to rob money, ya for me it is robbing POOR STUDENTS, and the government is unaware of this. Superb and bravo. Thank you very much.


These are the ways how the university is robbing money from poor students.  Is this a method to encourage students to go far in their life and to attain their objectives? NO. That’s too cruel. I wish these penalties could be removed to help those students who can’t afford to pay another 20 000 rupees. It is totally injustice.


I’m sure many students who are not concerned with this penalty fee have felt a hatred against that institution in their heart, after hearing such a shocking and fucking IRRESPONSIBLE DECISION. What’s going in Mauritius? The governement is sitting hand on hand and letting such a cruelty to occur in our so callED proud university. Just too bad…






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  1. TheDude says:

    The University of Mauritius is a total shame. The penalty fee doesn’t only apply to first year students by the way, it also applies to other students. Also, the UOM’s system has changed a lot since this blog was posted. Apparently, now they make ANY student fail, without showing them their term results and they ask those poor students who were certain to pass for money. I was listening to the Radio and i just heard this. Many students from UOM were complaining about this issue. So, when the radio staff decided to call the Uni, no one answered the phone for days and weeks.lol. Apparently they have been listening to the radio as well. I believe that the University of Mauritius is a complete joke. How can one ever acquire education by attending that joke? God knows. All the best to all you guys attending that uni.

  2. no studies over there.. im working now.. dont be sad.. uom is cool there… bt the rules are just too cheap…

  3. butterfly says:

    lolzzz yea coz i fink she is perfect ….n ban dimun ki coz kumha suven d foi c pur kas stress ou wen der r actually nt like dis heheeeee lolzzzzzz

    u studyin at uom lovvy yuvraj keenoo ???? coz am a new student 😦

  4. well said butterfly… lolzzz

  5. butterfly says:


    nice topic raised indeed touching mst stakeholders of uom !!!!!

    my reply is mainly for priscus ……my point of view is different frm urs bt i never meant am against u or wateva crap k….

    so priscus its as if u never failed in life ??? u seemed 2 have a high opinion of u :p hahahahaaaaa lolz !!!!

    come on u r not living in a drim world….human learn frm der past mistake – dey cnt b penalised soo severely though i agree if after doin d modules mre dan once n failing den indeed i cmplitli agree wid d penalty fee system ….

    furthermore no1 want 2 fails …. bt smetyms any external factors can influence sme1 studies ok so u got 2 b realistic – not all parent can afford 2 pay such n expensive amount most precisely if they got other children also …..

    as for ur cntinuous stress on d fact of spoon feeding den yea…its nt done at uom bt lecturers cnt jst come n jst give notes n expect d students 2 pass wid flying colours ….doz doing accounting – how can u expect them 2 understand evrifin widut any proper guidance ????

    if dats d case …y did u go 2 university ??? u sud hve studied by urself MRS PERFECT OR MRS RIGHT !!!!!

    Am sorry 2 say but if 1 day u or some1 close 2u pass through this situatn u may understand it – n God may delays but alwez make people realise …..

    u got a high opinion of urself hahahaha lolzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!

  6. ok gudluck genius girl…

  7. i think Priscus is a genius, wow, you should have been in America working on some research project or whatever… Cool .. keep it on..

    1. priscus says:

      I am working on a paper to submit at UOM itself, no need to go to America to do that.

  8. priscus says:

    “Why they don’t understand the fact that a student can FAIL if the learning environment or the teaching bodies are not capable to transfer their knowledge”

    True if students sit in cafe it wont be the right learning environment to pass in exams.
    At Uni level there something called personal research … there is no real need to attend lectures to pass in exams.

    “and the government is unaware of this” concerning UOM there has been devolution of power which equals to uom act so there is separation of powers and govt cannot interfere in the ruling of uom.

    “I wish these penalties could be removed to help those students who can’t afford to pay another 20 000 rupees.”

    So according to you students should keep on failing and the motivation factor is re seat modules?

    To reseat a year equal to failure in more than two module its means that the student was not responsible enough to pass.

    Why blame the administration? I am sorry to say but only lazy students failed … those who worked passed in exams .

    As you said there are poor student. Have they had been responsible of their financial situation they would have made a must to pass in exams.

    You reap what you sow.

  9. Tushal says:

    Some people are “dancing” on the idea that students who got re seat need to pay Rs20K!

    It seems that some people has never failed in their lives be it educational field or personal field. I have failed a lot in my life but I have always learn how to rise higher and do better. Like I failed the first time I got on a bicycle, I failed the first time I went to mountain climbing..But some people are born magicians. No failures EVER!

  10. Wow, you said everything yourself, maybe you are roaming with a purse full of Gaetan Duval notes..

    I just want to add that some students won’t be able to pay this fee, so what, we should remove them from the institution??? That’s my question.. Ya maybe they did not work harder, to err is human dude, and in every institution there are failures.. ki institution,ki college,ki lekol primaire pena zeleves ki fail???

    I think you should change your way of thinking man..

    what is failure?? Is it only when one has not work harder, what if they had personal, financial or other social problems?? These things do not count!!! i didn’t read what priscus and what wez have posted on their blog, but if you guys create difference as you mentioned then surely Penalty fee and other fucking things will be implemented soon everywhere..

    “Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure… it just means you haven’t succeeded yet” Nice quote, rite! so why these people are not getting a chance to succeed again.. mayb you are a first class student because you are not having any kinds of personal, social, etc… probs…

    This penalty fee is like rubbing salt on a fresh wound!!! Frankly that’s injustice.. whatever your thoughts but think thrice before write and act..

  11. Bruno says:

    Non I dont agree at all with you. A University is not a school. Failure is the responsibility of the student.

    For e.g. I got A+ in Mechanics 1 at uni, when almost half the class failed … kifer? lecturer la pa bon? li finn guett mo figir? (Lecturer apel Oree ek moi Lebon!!!!) Come on grow up.

    The reason why they failed:
    1 They did not work hard enough.
    2 They did not adopt the proper methodology to work.

    So grow up and get a life!

    I would have loved to see this penalty fee system implemented at my time in UoM. I see too many failures coming to uni just to have some fun and not even bothered about the course, except 2 weeks b4 exams. The penalty fee is fair IMO, as well as Priscus’s and Wez’s opinions.

    1. priscus says:

      You said it all Bruno . Many want that the lecturer come and give all notes just likes in school.

  12. nishi says:

    A student may fail 4 various reasons and it is not necessary that he/she is to be blame for his/her failure, as u said, the learning environment and teaching bodies may also be responsible for his/her failure. So it is total injustice for the student to pay a penalty fee. Some student’s parents make a lot of sacrifice to pay their fees and will not be able to afford to pay Rs.20000 again. Futhermore, its absolutely ridiculous to make a student pay Rs.20000 just for the mere reason that he/she wants to change his/her course. Frankly, its nothing but only a disgusting means to earn money.

    1. priscus says:

      “ome student’s parents make a lot of sacrifice to pay their fees and will not be able to afford to pay Rs.20000 again. ”

      True . Have had the student been responsible to fail would not have been an option.

      I know many students who failed and i say they deserve it. When you studying and thinking how to pass a module others proudly say we will reseat in this paper.

  13. Tushal says:

    Welcome on aboard..THe UOM planes stop at nothing..I was shocked when I read a notice about the penalty fees. And I immediately when to see a lecturer and he confirmed my fears. Penalty fees+courses fees for students repeating the year one!
    A nice business!Perhaps, I should open a University too.

    1. priscus says:

      Tushal … the truth is that you expected spoon feeding and you planed to fail in maths. All the efforts you putting in comments. If only you made some personal research you would have passed.

      1. Naf says:

        Rather judgmental

  14. Kurt Avish says:

    Yea thats what they dont understand. Failing is nothing of a sign of stupidity. Infact a student who failed can be more intelligent that someone who is passing with A+ (whether merited A+ or A+ got by selling dunno what)!

    The university is just collecting money off students knowing in advance that it will kick them out of the system soon after 1 year or 2.

    Instead of encouraging students.it is creating a circle of hatred against the university. I hope its not its staffs or its own admins who will be seeing and experiencing the effect of a student revolt there soon.

    1. priscus says:

      “Failing is nothing of a sign of stupidity.” true . Failure is a sign of irresponsible students who kept on accumulating modules.

      “experiencing the effect of a student revolt there soon.” lol students who have worked did pass … and yeah lazy students got nothing else to do .. so revolution is an option to prove that there are indeed stupid.

  15. Arun says:

    Its just a bad idea.. Y will have the student have to pay the penalty fee.. If they think zis wil encourage a student to pass then its all wrong.. If the teaching is not done correctly then its obvious that the students will fail.. I knw a friend who needs 2% from his CPA to pass and the person has to repeat and pay 20000… Wer the hell are the students just afording the tuition fee be able to pay a penalty fee of 20000?????
    Its purely unjustice….

    1. priscus says:

      “f the teaching is not done correctly then its obvious that the students will fail..” sorry to say but at uni level you cannot expect spoon feeding . There is personal research.

      1. Naf says:

        Even without spoon-feeding students can fail if misguided! To know what kind of research to undertake, requires as pre-requisite at least a decent background of information which should be provided by lecturers.
        There are numerous reasons for the penalty fee among which :
        1. UOM has opened its doors to accommodate all students with all levels of academic excellence(am not being snobbish, this is a fact) and the resulting lowering in its standards is the reason for this penalty fee! Chances are if a student has failed once, the student might fail again…A mere double-dealing. Paying lipservice to government policy in short.
        2. UOM IS a money-sucker (excuse the colloquial expression) and I would go so far as to accuse it of being a pro-capitalist institution. Poor students will have a rough time and no choice but to drop out because of this penalty fee. Parents find it difficult to meet the required standard course fees plus the endless colossal amount of photocopies to be done, books to buy, assignments to print-the list goes on! Let’s face facts, not everyone is stinking rich!
        3. Failure is not something a student craves for. A minority might have some kinked idea but I also know that the UOM library is always full! I also know that The Raised Plaza is full of students doing group work ( and no! The Raised Plaza is no longer the equivalent of lovers’ point huh) . Students DO study! Not everyone is blessed with a higher than average IQ though, so either the University maintains a high standard of selection,and reinforces its 80% attendance else no taking of examinations or it keeps its present policy with its laissez-faire attitude with regards to the exams and withdraws the illogical penalty fee!

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