Real Madrid can win the title next season with the stars

Real Madrid has some big stars, they are all motivated to play in the team and to enjoy the football. Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema gonna make some big  goal score lines next season. I think Barcelona should concentrate mostly on its defence because Real is on the move to the title. Real will play fast football as Barcelona and competition is even higher now.


I can see Real is winning the title next season.  Concerning the Champions League, Chelsea may be the winner after thrashing Liverpool and beating Barcelona (Referee Ovredo was bribed).


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  1. lol, can’t you see what UEFA did in the semi final..

    Well concerning Real Madrid, all players are in form and know how to play the game.. You said Ronaldo is not a worker, Y?? It’s strange but how can you forget that this player won the FIFA best player award and also the golden ball.. Were you on earth when all these things happen..

    Real just needed some good players to defeat Barcelona. Bzw next season wizt any doubts Messi will win the golden ball. Not only me who see Real will win the title next season, bt everybody in ESPNSoccer net are saying that.. you can become a member and see it yourself.. Football is my passion and i know if a team has the capacity to win or not, well it becomes on experiences and some logic..

  2. Bruno says:

    “Referee Ovredo was bribed” … UEFA can sue you for that

    I dont see Real winning next year since they dont have a defense. Barca’s playing style is keeping possession … I dont see Real able to hold the ball for long against Barca … Ronaldo is not a worker … Real need a good holding midfielder and a decent defense to worry Barca

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