Rest In Peace Michael Jackson


Rest in peace Michael. We all love you on this earth. You will live in our heart forever and ever. Your musics are the best songs in the world. And frankly those new singers don’t have the fabulous, amazing and loving style like yours. You gave the world the best collection ever produced and your dance style is so good.

God bless you Michael.


Michael Jackson was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984. There are actually two stars bearing the name Michael Jackson in the walk, the other being that of the Los Angeles talk radio show host of the same name; while Jackson’s name is marked with a record icon, the radio Jackson is denoted with a microphone icon. Jackson had a notable impact on music and culture throughout the world. He broke down racial barriers, transformed the art of the music video and paved the way for modern pop music in his own country. Jackson’s work, distinctive musical sound and vocal style have influenced hip hop, pop and R&B artists, including Mariah Carey, Usher, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and R. Kelly. For much of his career, he had an “unparalleled” level of worldwide influence over the younger generation through his musical and humanitarian contributions.


Throughout his career he received numerous honors and awards, including the World Music Awards’ Best-Selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium, the American Music Award’s Artist of the Century Award and the Bambi Pop Artist of the Millennium Award. He was a double-inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, once as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1997 and later as a solo artist in 2001. Jackson was also an inductee of the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2002. His awards include multiple Guinness World Records (eight in 2006 alone), 13 Grammy Awards, 13 number one singles in his solo career — more than any other male artist in the Hot 100 era — and the sale of over 750 million records worldwide, making him the world’s best selling male solo pop artist.

He was characterized as “an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed of all the tools to dominate the charts seemingly at will: an instantly identifiable voice, eye-popping dance moves, stunning musical versatility and loads of sheer star power”. In the mid-1980s, Time described Jackson as “the hottest single phenomenon since Elvis Presley”. By 1990, Vanity Fair had already cited Jackson as the most popular artist in the history of show business. Daily Telegraph writer Tom Utley called him an “extremely important figure in the history of popular culture” and a “genius”. In late 2007, Jackson said the following of his work and future influence, “Music has been my outlet, my gift to all of the lovers in this world. Through it, my music, I know I will live forever.”


His total lifetime earnings from royalties on his solo recordings and music videos, revenue from concerts and endorsements have been estimated at $500 million; some analysts have speculated that his music catalog holdings could be worth billions of dollars. Cited as one of the world’s most famous men, Jackson’s highly publicized personal life, coupled with his successful career, made him a part of popular culture for almost four decades.




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  1. nina says:

    I didn’t pull my hair and collapse while attending his concert in Munich(generally I think it’s silly as you fail to watch a performance)but what has amazed me was that the man (Michael) was capable to freeze a moment. I’ve been serving the art either since i’m a folk dancer(Georgian national ballet) for more than 20 years and I know how to feel the very moment as well, but what I witnessed was rather a miracle than something real(no wonder he has never been considered to be “one of us”) I feel he wanted to be unbelievable one and the goal’s certainly been secured but he had been destroyed in the process as sadly the world was not ready for him and it still remains so.(by the way i think he was very much a man as far as I can judge!)

  2. Kurt Avish says:

    He was and is still simply the best of all the best. I was in a state of shock in that damn morning my mom woke me up and said michael jackson is dead.

    I simply said yes and slept…but woke up some minutes later and thought hey my mom really said that to me and I was not dreaming.. I started to rush on all news site to see the latest info about it. 😦

    He got talent. I mean real talent. I like this part where you said:

    “”And frankly those new singers don’t have the fabulous, amazing and loving style like yours””

    Its so true. No one can ever match him. He was a star and a real talent since he was just a kid..,5 years old.

  3. Rite$h says:

    RIP king of Pop, his moonwalk is just too good, many may try but will not perfect it like him. He was a total show-man, singing and dancing and making his fans hysteric 🙂

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