South Africa(SA) v/s New Zealand(NZ)


Yesterday, on 17th June 2009, there were two football matches: Spain v/s Iraq and SA v/s N Zealand. Spain was lucky to score that one goal else it would be a draw.

South Africa(SA) team was dominating New Zealand(NZ) on ball possession and shots on goals. SA players have the finest skills to play and they are very motivated. Even the English football is not like it was yesterday. SA score line should have been 5-0 or 7-0.


Bernard Parker went from goat to hero in front of a home crowd in South Africa, scoring both goals in a key 2-0 win over New Zealand on Wednesday to erase an embarrassing play from earlier in the Confederations Cup.

With the South African fans generating a deafening cacophony with their vuvuzelas — airhorns that make it sound as if thousands of bees are swarming the pitch — Parker opened the scoring in the first half by taking Tsepo Masilela’s feed and sending it off the thigh of defender Andy Boyens, off the hand of diving goalie Glen Moss and in.

SA played very well yesterday; the passes, shots, confidence and tackles were really fabulous and amazing. As if they were throwing missiles on New Zealand, and the game was only one sided.


Siphiwe Tshabalala, is the player who made terror in the final minutes of the game. He played after being substituted and show his great talents on the ground. What a player. A great bravo for South Africa and i will support this team for the rest of the FIFA Conderation Cup 2009.


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  1. banla bon, mais ban attackants tro done boule dan goalkeeper so lamain soi dan arrieres zot lipied.. si banla ti cone fer ban good shots, SA ti pu premier dan so group…

  2. riishii says:

    Fran tou sa South Africa la ‘they are really reaching the peak…’. Surtou sa zouer la, Pienaar, sa ene top sa.

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