Extract from TOPFM – Korek pa korek!

Date: Wednesday 20, May 2009 – I wrote this extract while listening to TopFM.

Previous Wednesday a pregnant woman went to Jeetoo hospital as she was having pains.  The doctor told her everything was fine without touching her belly and she told the patient she knows how to do her work properly. She was not admitted to the hospital.

She travelled by bus to return home and she was having lots of pains. I think in the evening she called 114 for an ambulance. The ambulance was not available at that moment for such an urgent case. A woman at the hospital told the patient that she must look for a car and said: “If the baby dies, they will see what to do afterwards.” The woman got her baby in the car and at the same time the car hit a bus as the driver was shocked. At that moment a police traffic escorted the car at the hospital.

The child was very small and the pregnant woman was hurt a lot. Her mother helped her to get the baby.

Finally the pregnant woman was admitted. An enquiry is still in course but no conclusion till now.

On the radio, an authority said there is not enough information to give a conclusion, and then later on he said he can’t give any conclusion. Then he said the enquiry has already started.


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  1. pravesh says:

    hey guys i just called customer protection unit..
    coz i bought a sony hifi system 18 months ago but the warranty was for only 1 yrs , so i drop it to galaxy n told them to repair it i will pay watever the cost is.. they call me now an asking me to pay rs 500 while saying they cannot repair it.i bought for cash rs16000 n it didnt last for 18months do u think its fair.called protection unit they said they cant do anything, their is no such law. and the inspector was so rude.
    li dir pa pou kapav fer narien al geter ki to pou fer.. n he hang up on me …i called back and ask the receptionist what was his name she said monsier mo temporaire pa pou kapav dir so nom…
    wer we are going ……

    1. There is no strict law in Mauritius.
      Some people talk a lot on the radio, but when it’s time to do something for the people they do not take any risk or measures. It’s a “let it be” case everywhere in Mauritius !!!

  2. The Government should be aware of everything, and if they don’t then they need to be more serious in their work to bring the change.

  3. Kevin says:

    Government must invest much in the hospitals in Mauritius.
    The lack of investment in saving lives through more qualified doctors and technologies have lead Mauritius to position itself as very weak in the health sector.

    Many people dies deaths which were not meant to be the end.
    Doctors just say “we can’t do anything more”
    Yes they CANNOT do anything more…because they don’t know what can be done next!!

    I think the Government must invest hugely in the health sector in order to prevent deaths!!!

    That is why other hospitals are doing business here because they know the weak point in our island is that there is little that is done in the health sector.

    When will the change come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

  4. there must be seriousness in work and a life is very precious and priceless

  5. Kurt Avish says:

    Sa mem dir lopital maurice li coment dir cimetier maurice.

    Dimoune ki ena cash li omoin kav aret depan lor la and pay clinic prive. But dimoune mizer li soufert mem acoz li bizin depan lor ban imbecil ki travail dan ban lopital la.

    Ena nurse ek docter travail dan lopital coment dir zot p rent dan lakaz mama kan zot al travail….pena un sense de respect et professionalism.

    When I compare the professionalism of foreign hospitals and mauritian hospital… its a shame for mauritius.

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