Installing drivers in Windows 7! Use Compatibility mode

If you are having any issues installing certain drivers in Windows 7, there are two methods you can try…


Install using Compatibility Mode

To install a driver using Compatibility Mode, right click on the Setup Application Stub (usually titled Setup.exe or whatever program you are opening to install the driver) and click on Properties, and then click on the Compatibility tab, enable Compatibility Mode and select “Windows Vista RTM” or “Windows XP SP 2” [it depends for which OS the drivers are compatible] from the drop down list, then click on OK and try again.

Install using Device Manager

If the above doesn’t work, use a utility such as WinRAR to extract the files contained within the self-compressed EXE package to a folder, and then use the Device Manager (Start > right click on Computer > click on Manage, and select Device Manager on the left hand side) to install the drivers. In Device Manager, simply right click on the device that you need to install a driver for and click on “Update driver software” and follow through the wizard, ensuring that you point it to the location of the files you extracted.

Isn’t it magic? ..



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  1. hmmm everyone has their own preference… 🙂

  2. Rite$h says:

    Windows for gaming and Linux for other purposes 😀
    Yeah me too can’t live without Windows, even if it has many bugs, crashes etc, but its easier to instal and play a game on windows than make the game instal and run on linux + some games are only windows compatible, with some software as well, just run exe and have ur prg ready to use 😉
    But still Linux far better than windows in terms of security and stability hehe

  3. Yasir says:

    No offense mate..i had to get rid of win7 and get vista back since my pc was not switching off lol..win7 has a nice outlook en tout cas..

  4. Linux is cool to use, and tough to find the right program for the right task. No Cyberlink Powerdirector. No TuneUp Utilities. No FIFA 2009. No ESET NOD32 [ If ever you want to remove viruses from an infected pendrive!!]. No Wondershare, etc..

    Windows have many software compared to Linux. Windows’ software are more competent compared to the other ones.

    Windows 7 is cool, stable, fast and high tech to use.

    But Linux has its positive side too when compared on large scaled networks as in Google servers. 🙂

  5. Bruno says:

    You can also switch to Linux.

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