Chelsea and it’s players charged by UEFA, because they wanted to go in final??

UEFA said Friday that Chelsea as well as Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa will face European football’s disciplinary body on June 17 following incidents in the Champions League tie against Barcelona.

The governing body said it had started disciplinary proceedings against the London club over the “improper conduct of players and the throwing of missiles by their supporters”.

Drogba and Bosingwa also face proceedings “for being in breach of the principles of sportsmanship by insulting the referee by making offensive comments,” UEFA added in a statement. []

Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo had turned down numerous penalty claims from the Chelsea players, and their frustration boiled over after Andres Iniesta’s injury time goal sent the Blues tumbling out of the competition in dramatic fashion.

It is thought Drogba will be banned for around five matches for his actions and will face a hefty fine. Chelsea, too, will face a financial penalty.

Bosingwa: ”This referee should never referee a game again. What happened was a disgrace. It was a well contested game but the referee came to spoil our game.” []

Can anyone tell me why Chelsea has to pay for all this?? As they wanted to go in the final?? Two English would have been in the final??

UEFA wanted to do this injustice from the start, but they waited until everything calm down. By the way, where is the referee, nothing is heard about him now!! Is he given matches to be the referee??

UEFA is doing injustice to Chelsea. The disciplinary and control body must sack that referee forever from football, and better change themselves to be more responsible while putting referee for a particular match.

UEFA has not taken the right decision again.


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