Learning Kung Fu and Linear System Crisis


Learning Kung Fu –  It is a story of a guy who was fired from his work. To take revenge, he went to learn kung fu in a few hours. What he learnt was amazing, need to watch the video!..


How things work? For e.g. using a PC is a linear system. We are living in a  finite world where linear system can’t be adapted. This is the research work of someone to give us more idea how stuffs are working.


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  1. hi.. which one is ur video?learning kung fu? or the other one? well both are superb.. learning kung fu is so fun.. very nice.. cool.. cudnt wait to post it here.. 😛

  2. paul says:

    Hey!! It’s my video! 😀 Awesome thanks for posting it on your blog ^^

  3. ya from that mail forward.. well it is a precious video to share.. thanks dude

  4. You got the second video from my forward email?

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