Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 & Movies Mobile

What a graphic application!!! You can do whatever you want: create, edit and organize..

You can edit photos professionally with the advance editing tools. Very nice interface. [Bzw if there is any open source application which have same or better functionalities, plz let me know]


Select and apply with a single stroke
Simultaneously select a specific photo area and apply incredible effects with a single stroke of new Adobe Smart Brush. Improve lighting, add rich textures, and more with eight libraries of over 50 sophisticated effects.

Go from flawed to phenomenal in seconds
Whiten teeth, make skies bluer, get rid of red eye, and take advantage of many more shortcuts that reduce common, multistep editing tasks to a single click or brush stroke.

Dramatically transform your photos with easy-to-use tools
Convert your color originals to elegant, nuanced black-and-whites, or use color curves adjustments to get the perfect exposure.

Count on step-by-step assistance
Want to touch up a scratch? Create a scrapbook page? Add artistic effects that make a photo look like a pencil sketch? Photoshop Elements walks you through key steps to make it easy to get the results you want fast.

Quickly clean your scene of unwanted elements
You took five shots of your subject, but pedestrians and cars distract from the scene in every one. Now, see only what you want to see in your photos–use Adobe Photomerge Scene Cleaner to simply brush away any elements that changed positions between photos to create a single, perfect composite.

Composite with amazing results
Create flawless group shots in just a few clicks with amazing Adobe Photomerge technology. Photomerge also lets you create seamless panoramas and combine elements of different faces for entertaining results.

Share experiences in fresh, exciting ways on the web
Showcase your photos in one-of-a-kind Online Albums with your choice of dynamic, animated templates–including new, visually stunning options. Adobe Flash technology lets viewers interact with your photos for an entertaining experience.

Show off your creativity in unique ways
Make amazing printed photo creations–like scrapbook pages, photo books, and cards–that you can customize to get exactly the look you envision.

Organize your library with ease
See all your photos in one convenient place, and find photos fast using powerful, flexible visual tags and a variety of viewing and searching options, including a new text search box.

Download from rapidshare

Movies Mobile


Again, download all your latest movies at in avi format. You won’t regret friends.

An old post of 7, March 2009 on the same site


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  1. ya it is flexible and easier than CS2 and CS4.. well i have used CS2 and CS4, dont know about CS3..

    The latest photoshop elements application is to facilitate the task of editing and organizing photos, etc..

    For more information, go to

    The tools that i like more in P. Elements 7.0 are the cropping and cloning tools. Mind-blowing. So professional result. Try it dude.
    Easily you can put a background in a photo. All options are on the screen not like the CS2/CS4… [well CS4 is more professional, no doubt in this]…

  2. HELLO says:

    Hey Man,
    Great Blog.Concerning Adobe Elements,do you know what it got more than CS2?
    Is the functions more flexible and easy?


  3. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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