Manchester United still the best



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  1. Tushal says:

    1…2…3…4….<:o)..4 past van der sar. Utd 1..liverpool 4..<:o)
    1..2….<:o)..2 past van der sar..Fulham 2..utd 0..<:o)

  2. league is not over…

  3. Admin says:

    alala.. Zot gagn bater enkor 2-0
    + 2 red cards,

    zot fort selma sa manU la 😛
    tro puissant..

  4. lol.. la to p coz cake… ki pli important dan la league coupe ou bien batte ene gran lekip?? Liverpool capave releguer si li vine jouer ar manu dan FA Cup..

    aster ki to pu dir Umar!!! Coupe ki important..

  5. Admin says:


    si liverpool in resi batt champion alors ki nu eter?
    LFC mari champion.
    Nu pa casse tet r coupe, mai nu conner nu batte toi, away + home, ek lorla ine defonce zot lor zt terain mem..
    LFC rules Old Trafford.

    To bizin coupe, mo mem mo cav asT 1 donne toi 1. 😀

  6. man utd is the best… quintuple pa fer peur sa.. Kisanla ki en tete??? Bzn leve latet guete manu!!! well, i wish liverpool and manu play against each other for the champions league to show the liverpool fans who is the champion…

  7. simplecotton68 says:

    I have only one word: QUINTUPLE!!!

  8. Rite$h says:

    Owww!!! Seems Man utd has been hit by a storm on Saturday afternoon…4-1 is not easy to digest, but hope they will have learnt a lesson and bounce back. Bizin o moins garde l’honneur being world champions and defending champions, but if they continue like this, bye bye the remaining cups 😦

  9. Kurt Avish says:


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