Manchester United v/s Liverpool

Someone said: “It is your attitude at the beginning of a task that determines success or failure.”

Beware of this man:

The one and only Ryan Giggs. (among the best players in Manchester united)


Manchester United gonna win by 1-0. The red devils are the best among the best.

The biggest clash. A match of revenge and hatred. Alex Ferguson is the best manager in Europe and Liverpool is motivated to stop it’s rival to make a draw on the league cup truphies (18-18).

Who gonna win it? Any predictions? Any scores?

Manchester United is unbeatable this season and it is proving since the 11 matches in the League cup. Liverpool has just dominated Real Madrid by 4-0 and qualified for the quarter final.

Manchester United will show it’s winning strategy tomorrow. Manchester United has 2 strong teams.

Players in Manchester United:

Berbatov, Giggs, Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney, Vidic, etc…

Manchester United will win the Barclays Premiership League, FA Cup and Champions League. It merits all these cups for its playing capacity and quality.


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  1. The best football club in the world. Glory Glory Man United !!!

  2. lol… Do you know the ranking of Inter Milan and it’s chemistry???? And what about Real Madrid???

    I know maybe Vidic committed some foolish mistakes, but this does not mean he is to be blamed… He is the best defender in the world. He learnt something from the match today as well as Alex. But now Man U will be the worst. The worst in terms the best. Man U will show the devils inside now and i dont think it will be easy to cross the way of Vidic. He wont fall again. Alex Ferguson learnt many things.

    Bzw who is at the top of the table and by how much goal difference??? Liverpool must look above to see manu.. So sad.. all liverpool fans are thinking they won the title…

    Loserpool will be knocked out in the quarter final of the Champions League. That’s sure….

  3. Admin says:


    Liverpool in craze manU 4-1.

    dont be confident dude

    Match AWAY, gagn batter,
    Match HOME gagn batter?
    ki pu fou r zot..

    1 kk team sa 😛

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