Apocalypse – Judgment Day

I posted this comment on Kurt Avish Blog:

There is a site called http://www.youtube.com on the net with large amount of videos. Go there and just type end of the world 2012. Throughout your search, note something known as the Mayan’s calendar ( a very old civilization), and see how during the past few years everything became true. Make your search foundations strong guys. Well it might be false or even senseless but everything is happening. Please refer to Youtube.

And finally this matter of concern is not only in Mauritius but around the world.

Well keep cool!!! Nothing to worry as far as these guys themselves predicted Tsunamis(the year also), solar storm, polar shift, tornado, floods, draughts… etc

According to the youtube videos, Einstein said earlier there will be a polar shift and that’s true, this gonna happen in the next few years when the ice will melt on both poles. What about the solar storm they predicted, is it true or false?? Another truth among those, a meteorite is approaching the Earth and if nothing is done then half of the globe will die mercilessly. [ Please note that i’m not saying all this by myself, i did many research to arrive at all these conclusions…]

This calendar has predicted more Tsunamis in the coming years and a tornado also. Meaning everything is converging towards destruction. Many things i said above have a scientific and ancient civilization predictions basis. The month of destruction was also mentioned in the videos December 2012.

Now you choose either to make research on Youtube or not. But please contact me if there is anything to discuss. ***Fools are those who gonna laugh without watching those clips on Youtube.

I totally agree that this CAN be false, but I simply can’t ignore such a strong foundation. That’s my version!


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