Final Year Project

Project title: Platform to notify students on their mobile phones of events  taking  place  at  UoM  and  allow  submission  of assignments.

Cohort: CSE or IS

No. of students: 2

Project objectives: The aim of this project is to notify students of events at the University, e.g. schedule for their class test, deadline for their assignment, their presentation schedule, forthcoming seminars of interest to them and parties, by sending a message to their mobile phone. However, students must be allowed to choose at anytime not to receive notifications from the system without turning off their mobile phones.
Furthermore, a web interface must be provided to the database to allow the administrator and authorised users, e.g. Lecturers, to post information about events. A platform must also be provided to allow students to submit their assignment to their respective Lecturer.In case the deadline is over, the system must prevent the submission.

Required skills: This project requires very good programming skills.

Required software: Java, J2ME and Web and database technologies.

Tools that I have used to implement this project are:

– Motorola V3 + Driver

– PC + Windows XP

– SMSLib + MySql

– Java NetBeans 6.1 + EasyPHP

Functions in my project are:

– Sending SMS and updating credit

– Filtering phone numbers

– Setting technical data

– Getting clipboard content into program

Still in progress. . . Will soon give more details about the project. . .


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