13th Friday, February 2009

Many people say 13th of Friday is a day full of bad luck. But mine was different.

I went at university early as there was no traffic jam. I attended my class and got to know about more stuffs.  Then I went in the project lab to do my final year project which is based on sending SMS via a mobile phone through a PC. Only java codes were used for this final year desktop application. I’m thankful to Vikesh for bringing his Motorola V3, which is compatible with AT command, the driver CD and the USB cable. My project partner and I were testing the codes and think a lot about how to send the SMS. There were some bugs in the program. Infact they were some careless ones. In 1 Hr testing the codes started to work and we were able to find the bugs. I got a small gift from a friend (who is a girl of course). In the evening I was able to retrieve and update information from MySql database by using Java codes and SQLs.

Then at home, a friend brought many decorations for the kanwar.

Is 13th of Friday like this?? I wished this special day comes everyday for me..!!! 😛


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