World is moving too fast


After creating my blog, became a member of facebook and hi5, I found myself in a virtual society. One can easily know about other’s activity and can give advice. Facebook has a very nice interface; with the advent of html 5 it will be more dynamic but in a time space of 2 years or less. I was writing this article in Microsoft Word 2003, and what I saw after typing the word “blogging”, it was marked as an error. Well it’s amazing how fast the world is moving. Blogging has helped me to think big and argue on different topics whether it is love, politics, weather, films, hackers, technologies, etc…

Our mind is divided into two separate sections: one is for rational thinking and the other emotional thinking. Nothing like “listening to the heart” exists. Everything is controlled by the mind, so it’s only an expression. I like to observe and read people mind. So I can say, no one is innocent but fools exist. I will use the word “not-able” instead of “fools” to erase the world of difference. So these “not-able” need more attention as they can commit many serious mistakes in their life or they can remain at the same stage in their life. Neither psychologist nor other authorities will be able to help them; it’s the parents who should pay more attention to help their children to become mature as from a young age.

What I don’t like with some of the internet addicts is that they are not interested in the present critical situations but rather they like to have fun flirting, uploading videos, making friends, becoming social, etc… I beg of you guys make a move, return to the real life. Internet won’t make you a productive individual unless you use it efficiently. On facebook I saw many people joining groups among whom the majority don’t write anything on the wall.

Furthermore many people in the world think they are very smart compared to others. Whenever someone is overconfident, it’s obvious 90% he will fail. Lots of names have been associated with life, for e.g. chess, films, day-night, stairs, kites, etc… The message is clear, don’t devote too much time making money, showing ego or showing off, other things count in life. Life is once only. Seven births are only in films and books. Some people believe that after dying, one becomes ghost. False! When someone dies, he/she is ‘cut-off’ from this world. The idea is simple: assume the person was a lighting bulb from birth to death, and after death the bulb is switched off. Nothing goes out our body. Life is simple: achieve success/failures, happiness/sorrows, profits/loss, etc… World is moving too fast, we should think well before doing any and think optimum.


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  1. Shailen says:

    Man! I love this blog!

  2. yupri says:

    you are right the world is indeed movin fast .. by times u shuld take a break and switch off to move together with the world

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