‘Life in Year 2008’ – made in Year 2009

Year 2008 is a memorable year for me, lots of depressing and exciting things happened. I visited many places and went to the seaside lots of times. I enjoyed a lot as well as regret a lot. I regret to be betrayed by an important person whom I loved more than my life. But she will regret in some way or the other. It was an awe-inspiring year, full of ventures, journeys and quests. I went to gorge for hiking, Ile aux Cerfs, mountaineering and more… I bought my mp4, PSP, monitor, and a Mini-DV camera. I made a come back at Totelepep and worked for the last 4 months in year 2008. Football betting became my passion and it is still. I’m happy to believe in God again because I completely lost faith in Him. In 2008 I lost someone dear to me but in return I got my family back. I regained what I have lost. I thank the Almighty Lord Shiva for everything. God is only one.

I got lots of certificates, furthermore I participated in many activities. I participated in a project competition organized by ICAC where I did all the PowerPoint presentations. I wrote an essay on: “My project to create positive change in my environment. How can I foster sustainable development in my community?” for GOI Peace Foundation. My cousin Arun and I took part in the NYC quiz competition. I followed a Leadership and Life Skills courses. I got certificates of attendance for completing the executive overview in Quality Basics and in ISO 14001 – Basics. And a certificate of achievement in the course of Introduction to ISO 9001 with grade A. I even did quiz master, animator, team leader and my own Integrity Club where I’m the president.

In this year itself I created my blog, became a part of facebook and hi5 (I was awarded Media Attention Award from http://www.islandcrisis.net). I learnt numerous stuffs on computers and I did a full Blackjack program in C for a friend. I started to like the Genetic Algorithm Module as it’s in close proximity to life situations and it encloses lots of biology and physics. I was sharing a Rapidshare account with a friend and I downloaded many sophisticated softwares which is my craze.

Without disregarding my classmates, I enjoyed a lot with them in all classes, even at time doing assignments. We made lots of parties at the seaside and drank a lot. I went for the first end of year party where Arun, Kevin, my friends and I danced and rocked the dance floor. Our recent party was at Mon-Choisy for a ‘Grillade party’. Our passion is football and bodybuilding. In football we were always unlucky since we don’t practice so much. Year 2008 gave me lots of inspirations and experiences from friends, relatives, cousins, leaders, etc… I got many friends and new ones supporting me every moment. Year 2008 gave me more than I have lost. It was a terrific and outstanding year full of excitement, thrills, adventures, happiness, sorrows, betrayal and faithfulness. But now I got my aims and expect year 2009 brings lots of success and blessings.

A small message: “Never trust someone blindly. Never fall in love with bitches. Never become a follower. Experience everything for a first time only and if it’s beneficial then go ahead. Your precious experiences are your precise predictions. Beware of HIV aids. Use your time to make yourself become strong, powerful and rich. If you are not able to make a choice keep in mind the talisman of Mahatma Gandhi. Always be full of life and professional in all works. Put your money in football, where there is sense and follow-up, instead of horse racing, you may even become rich. Face every danger and don’t believe in ghosts. Always speak the truth. Beware of cunning and despicable people, they will only harm you and want to see you in trouble. ”


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