UOM at risks

Yesterday, on a Wednesday, my class finished at 17.30. Despite talking to the different lecturers,they don’t agree to change the timetable. I think its urgent now to do something. When i went to the bus stop, it was so crowded, most of the people were waiting for Port-Louis bus.

I was worrying if ever i will get a place in the bus atleast to stand. I waited till 18.15 then the bus came and i returned home at 19.45. As if i have gone to work and returning home after my over time.

University of Mauritius must bring changes in their time tables. I agree to avoid clashes they are doing all this but it’s not fair to have a class early in the morning and one late in the evening. That’s not a timetable but we are enclosed in prison!!! As there is nothing to do there. We can’t just stay in the library to read or do h/w. Not even in common as there is no place to walk at UOM. Too many students at one go!!!

Life of university has really changed for this finall year of mine. If ever someone at university has read this blog, so please take immediate actions to avoid the students fed up of waiting and not attending important classes.


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  1. Shah says:

    Comments are not available for the Emtel entry. Hence, I’m posting about it here.

    Yup, you’re right. Emtel offers way more services. I’m satisfied – am a subscriber for their web and mobile services. Mobile banking solves a slew of problems. A simple example: When you cash in a cheque, you’re informed on your phone via SMS. You no longer need to go to an ATM to check out the balance of your account. It’s roaming service is also good – tried it in Germany.

    I never faced the commonly said “emtel ena problem rezo” issue. I believe it’s FUD. Emtel works and it keeps on innovating. Note: I’m NOT affiliated with Emtel. I’m just a customer and a bit of a fan boy of Oracle though (Yeah, Emtel uses Oracle as DB.)

  2. Shah says:

    Ha! Time for you to get a car, pay for gas (car pooling UOM students for a monthly fee helps.,) and drive it. Seriously, it’s the only solution. Well, there’s always e-learning but I’m unsure if UOM will go for such methods.

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