My own experience about true love

Love is something every person on this earth need to survive and to let others live. For me it has been a horrible and fantastic experience to fall truly in love with that person without whom I cannot live. Love taught me lots of things in life. I started to trust some people whom I never made an effort to trust. Love can make you blind and can let you drown in itself till you finish yourself for your beloved. True love is that love which people wait and we get it once in our life time, so keep it well. It is very delicate not like other relations.

True love is when you cannot sleep as you keep thinking about that person every moment. It is when you cannot eat and keep worrying about your beloved. You may stop concentrating in real things in life and you create another world in your imaginations and try to live in it with all the dreams you have created with your true love. Love is priceless and precious. True love means only life to me.

People might criticize whatever I have written but this comes straightly from my heart. I have more to say but words are not enough to describe true love..

Fall in love with someone so deeply and love him/her so much that he/she becomes the most important thing on earth and in this whole universe. Nothing can change your mind concerning your true love. Congratulations if you have your true love.

True love never fails.


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