What i could “fish” on the net about True Love…

Agnes: “everything”

He loves Phire: “finding someone that gets you and accepts you for all that is you and never tries to change you….loves you no matter wat you do or say always there 4 you when noone else is”

Vevila: “true love cannot be fenced, cannot be controlled. it is intangible and elusive. it dwells only in the hearts of those who know how to let it go. true love, to me, is like the wind. “

Coolness: “some one who loves me for who i am. wouldnt change anthign about me. someone who supports me in what i do and someone who will put up with my friends and fam. someone that would hde that im with them. some one who thinks im beautiful all the time.”

Tonid: “Mortals experience true love when they find an enduring, steadfast love. It is akin to the love of God in that God’s love is given unconditionally. True love is what everyone seeks– in every relationship, and is measured by giving sacrificially. True love will give until there is no more to give. True love will take the risk of never being loved in return. —- Toni D. “

Soldiers…: “mt husband and i met when we were 9 years old , at a family summer camp . he asked me to merry him in a sandbox .. and i said no . after that i didnt see him again for 7 years later . his family was a very strict and there beliefs were to choose the spouce of the children . he and i secretly called and sent letters to eachother for over a year . when they found the letters they cut all our tyes from eachother . he began to sneak to the neighbors to call me there because they would pay him to do odd jobs . they didnt mind him calling me and so we still had some cumunication . a few months went by without hearing a word from him , i thought he decited he didnt want to sneak around anymore and gave up on us . then around 3 am he called . he was crying and asked to talk to my dad . i was scared and i went to wake my dad up .. they talked for an hour or so . then when they got off the phone my dad told me what all has been going on . his parents foound his calling cards , and pre payed phone and freakd out . they told him if he could not accept the rules from under there roof , that nuthing under there roof was his anymore . everyone ate at the dinner table , but they told him to eat on the porch , they sold his car because they thought he was sneaking visits to my house , whitch he never did . it was 2 hours away … after my dad told me all of that he grabbed his keys and walked out the door . he came back 3 hours later and my boyfriend was with him , he bean walking away from his parents house and my dad went and picked him up . he joined the Army and lived at our house till i turned 18 , then we got married . that was 3 years ago . he left for iraq 6 months ago and i cant wait to have him back … true love is everything , me and my husband wouuld not be together if it wasnt for true love , my life would be lonely , and empty …… to me . my husband is why i was put on this earth . i put happiness into his life … finally and he has mine”

cheri: “For me it is to go without so he/she could have, and love means never having to say you are sorry”


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